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More on The Dyrholm house

During my vacation in Djursland in Denmark this summer, I found my way around Fløjstrup Kær – a place out in the country side, where “Dyrholmhuset”  (danish for: The Dyrholm house) is situated.

The name “Dyrholm” ordinates from this place. It comes of people living here taking the name of the house for their family name. The first Dyrholm ever was born in 1774 in Dyrholmhuset. His name was Jens Jensen Dyrholm ( ± 1774 ) ( † 1826 ).

Dyrholmhuset 2008Dyrholmhuset Fløjstrupkærvej 20, Matrikel nr. Råballegård, Høring 1b, 2008.

Formerly it have been a smal farm, but now the property is only including 10.103 m² of land, ideal for a family who owns a horse, a few sheep’s or something like that. The living house is 120 m² and the former farm buildings are 350 m² + 124 m² + 48 m². The present owner bought the place in 1996

The present version of Dyrholmhuset is built in 1913 just before the outbreak of the First Would War, where all building activities in Denmark were stopped doing lack of raw materials for the buildings industry.Dyrholmhuset 2008 udhus og eng

Behind the barn towards the small field still belonging to Dyrholmhuset.

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